Let this rainy season be stylish! Monsoon days are here. Every year we welcome the rains with open arms and open umbrellas.  Since we are already aware about the plash fact, we begin to find any outfit that would sustain the season. Though dressing for the rains seems gloomy, it really doesn’t have to be! There are many ways to make a stylish approach each time you head out in this weather! Let’s countdown the styles which you can follow during monsoons. 

Choose loose and light tops: Wearing heavy fabrics can be a nightmare during the monsoon as on getting wet, they tend to get heavier. Hence, say goodbye to those long Kurtis till rains are around. Instead, opt for short Kurtis or light T-shirts. Avoid fitted clothes, as they'll only create discomfort if wet. Coming to fabrics, lycra and polyester and good choices as they are known to be wrinkle-free and tend faster in this weather

Go with the black/ blue or dark colors: Many people think black isn’t the best color for this season. But with the sunny days gone, we don’t have to worry about wearing black as it is a weather friendly color for the season. You can go with the black leather jacket with black pant. As the black is comfortable during this season as the puddle water won’t spoil your pants color.

Avoid wearing jeans: Especially in monsoon, do not wear jeans as it will be wet all the time & difficult to dry during the wet season. Instead, wear a heavy weighted material pant which shall soak easily such as nylon pants.

Cropped pants: Whether you reach for casual jeans or dressed-up trousers, try some cropped pants so they don’t straggle on the dewy ground. This is a highly recommended style statement for the season.

Knee length dresses: An occasion where you cannot wear your pants or shorts or for that matter even your short dresses, a classic knee length dress can save your day in a fashionable manner! Style it with bright accessories, play with colors and yes your umbrella says a lot about your style! Pick one like a diva!

Shorts and capris: When the rains arrive, your best bet in bottom wear clothing would be shorts, capris or even short skirts. However, make sure that your shorts or capris are loose-fitting as that will allow them to dry quicker. 

Floral fun: Floral light weighted clothing seems comfort and style. Grab a cute floral dress. An easy breathable fabric like cotton makes your skin breathe.

Trendy tunics: One of the most versatile clothing has to be tunic. It can practically match up with anything, be it skirt or pant.

Waterproof jumpsuits: A true fashion-lover knows that rainy season is not the right time to pull out those fancy silk or linen jumpsuits. These soak-up water fast and become soggy. These water-repellent jumpsuits are available in bright colors, textures, and patterns. If you have a look in mind, you will find the correct jumpsuit with much fuss. Put on shoes and accessories, which complement your look, and you will set a high standard for other fashion lovers

Avoid transparency: If you are dressed in a transparent top or kurta, the rain can cause real embarrassment. Make sure your monsoon wardrobe comprises solid and dark-coloured tops.