I have been practicing healing techniques like reiki, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, angel therapy, theta healing, bach flower remedies and many more since 15 to 16 years. I am also a trained tarot card reader and a grapho therapist and I share this knowledge by conducting courses in all these topics. Spirituality is not a choice but my way of living and it gives me immense pleasure to spread this knowledge in the highest and the best possible way.

For those having career in Spas and Parlours should definately take benefits from this article.

We all unanimously agree that we women are very fond of pampering ourselves and beautifying ourselves. Not only our purses, emails, magazines, etc., but also our talks, and for that matter, our thoughts are flooded with offers, schemes, recommendations about this craze of “spas”. There is an increasing craze amongst men too these days, when it comes to spas.

I am a woman and I am one of you! When the word spa was coined, it had become a fad and a lifestyle. I thought it was just another substitute or an elite classy word for parlours or salons. But as I really went deep in knowing about the spas, how they emerged and what is its real significance, I found out that its essence should be taken seriously. Me being into healing, the spas and their feel was very close to what I did. Undoubtedly, they make you feel relaxed, they pamper you, beautify you, and above all, make you feel happy and uplifted. This only thought gave me the encouragement to write and share my insight about how to achieve the right kind of energy and maintain it in the spa throughout the day.

Let me firstly introduce you to the use of a diffuser (not the one which is used to crumple your hair!). The use of a diffuser with the right essential oils instantly lifts up the energy in a place. It has all the five elements of nature. The diffuser is made of earth, we light a candle in it – fire, we put water on the top curvy portion – water, the aroma oils which spreads the fragrance – air, and there is a gap between the contact point of the candle and water – so space. Representation of these five nature elements in just one object works wonders. We can even use small size diffusers where we can directly put camphor, rose or sandalwood etc., to give more natural effect. I suggest to use separate diffusers in each and every room with the recommended essential oil. Use it even in bathrooms, rest rooms, toilets and passages. You will definitely start experiencing the positive shift of energies immediately.

Now that we have read this word essential oils so much in the write up, let’s have clarity on that. Many aroma oils are available in the markets. But be sure that they are strictly essential ones not the synthetic ones. The synthetic ones are very harmful. When people come to your spa to really relax, you would certainly not want them to inhale those harmful synthetic oils. Essential oils are the oils, which directly come from the extracts of its natural source and not from any chemical formulas. I generally recommend lavender, chamomile, jasmine, jatamamsi, kadamba, khus, peppermint, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang and bhramhi oils to be used in spas near your clients. They all have cooling and healing properties and have the ‘Maa’ energy essence. This gives instant results because, here our chandra nadi, i.e. left nostril gets activated which in turn relaxes the mind and the body. Do keep lemon, lemon grass and sandalwood oil diffuser near your cash counter or door, as it will attract abundance in terms of clients and money. You can also use aromatic candles made of natural wax and essential oils.

Always keep a clear quartz or a selenite and citrine crystal with your cash. Clear quartz and selenite crystals will cleanse the energy of the cash that you receive, (cash is also considered as black money or kala dhan sometimes in many religions) and citrine will gather abundance in terms of money and clients. We could even take the benefits of using crystals like tree agate, cinnabar, hawk’s eye, topaz, zincite, and abundance crystals to gather abundance.

Use clear quartz , or red calcite or jade in the water that you use for the spas and notice the effects. Don’t forget to put a nice big black tourmaline to deal with all those so called negative energies. I guarantee they will be taken care of. Place a big abundance tree in your abundance corner i.e. the extreme left corner of your door. Place a big golden topaz tree in the immediate right corner from your door i.e. the helpful member’s corner, to attract the right kind of staff and help. The use of fame pyramids also gives super results in the fame corner that is exactly in the upper center. You can also take benefits of prosperity, future and wealth pyramids which are charged according to your personal preferences.

The right placements of those big mirrors in your spas are north and east directions, which are the best directions for business. East (purva) gives everything in advance and north (uttar) gives prosperity, and uttar means answers and solutions to everything. Let your clients lie down in the south and face the north to be in the right gravitational force to get instant and better results.

Note: Please buy your diffusers, candles, aromas, crystals, decks, sages and all the other healing peripheries from a place which has better healing energies. They are beings and they respond very quickly to energies. I do not recommend to buy them from exhibitions, godowns etc. Buy it from a specialized store or healing place only. Remember they are of no use or confused if they are not charged or programmed. Use these beings after programming and energizing and keep it in a place as recommended by your healer.

Dr. Avanii Rajadhyaksha