Its that time when the FULL MOON is in the sky, and the positive energy is at its optimum! This is the best time to clear energies from your crystals, and energize them.

Take a bowl, preferably glass bowl, which is previously unused or only has only been used for crystals* we even get bowls made of amethyst, clear quartz, jade or many crystals. Make salt water by using sea salt (please don’t use the food salt that we get at the store. Use natural sea salt only).

Put your crystals in the bowl of salt water and show the full moon’s light to the crystals. Keep it overnight with the moon and remove them in the morning. Remove the crystals from the bowl and flush away the water from the bowl. Now hold the cleansed crystals under running water to give them more energy.

After this procedure is done, programming of the crystals is very important. Remember crystals need to be programmed for the desired results. To do so, you can just take the crystals in your dominant hand and tell them, what it is that, you want them to help you with, apart from their own energies. You can even seek the help of a healer if you are unsure about programming.

Most importantly some crystals like ‘selenite’ dissolve in water, so please put them only in a bowl of sea salt without water, any crystal pendants made in silver or other metals may react with salt water, so put them only in salt without water and in the bowl.

Repeating this procedure every full moon day is recommended for better association with your crystals.Do let me know how you have been feeling after energizing your crystals or any other query regarding this on [email protected] visit and our facebook , instagram and twitter handle. Do directly talk to us on 7045349280/1/2/3

Dr. Avanii Rajadhyaksha