All of us have dreams to achieve. Dreams add excitement to life and make it fulfilling. However to achieve your dream you need to set goals, make best use of your time, put in some hard work, learn new skill and never give up. To do all this you have to be highly motivated. Without motivation you’ll procrastinate, experience burn out and lose interest in your dream. 

Motivation is the defining factor that turns your dream into reality. How do you stay motivated so that you can work towards achieving your dream? 
Here are 7 motivational tips that will help you move towards your goals so that you achieve your dreams.

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.”-Greg Reid

1.Dream Big:
When you dream big you set challenging goals that ensure high level of excitement. You have something to look forward to achieve in life. Something that will change your life for the better! The desire to bring about this change is very motivating. Never put limits to your dreams or your ambition.
If you can dream it, you can achieve it! 

2.Set an effective routine: 
Establish an effective routine instead of going with the flow. Prepare your to-do list before you go to bed for the next day. By following an orderly routine, you will have the day under your control and feel motivated to complete the day’s task needed to achieve your goals. 

3.Make it interesting:
Break larger task into smaller ones and take short breaks between them. Learn something new every day. It does not have to be something big. It could be listening to a short inspiring talk or reading some inspiring quotes. Reward yourself for achievements however small they may be. Buy yourself a little treat, Take a walk in the garden or spend time on a favourite hobby. Record awe moments of your journey towards success. This will keep you motivated and well on your way ahead.    

4.Surround yourself with positive people:
When you spend time with positive people, you become more positive. Stay away from negative people who pull you down and drain your energy. Positive people inspire each other. They take action and do not get stuck complaining. They are motivated and do well in life as they are focussed on success. 

5.Learn from your failures:
Remember that failures are stepping stones to success. Almost all successful people have learned from their failures and are successful today. There are others who have given up as they have got stuck with their failures. Read articles and autobiographies and learn about people who have faced failures but were determined to succeed. These can motivate you to overcome obstacles and keep moving forward. 

6.Visualize your future: 
Visualization is a powerful motivational tool. Once you set your goals and make a plan to achieve your dream, you can get and stay motivated by visualizing your future. See your dream coming true. Imagine what your life will be like when you achieve your dream. How will it feel?  If you can see it happening, then you are half way there because you already feel great! Your energy level will go up and you will start feeling the vibrations of your dream. You will be charged and confident and motivated to take action that makes your dream come true.

7.Re-connect with the purpose
Reconnect with the purpose especially when you feel discouraged. What’s the underlying reason? Why do you want to achieve this dream? What will your life be once you achieve this dream? Get clarity on this.  Empowered with this knowledge, your dream can add purpose and momentum to your life. In this way you will be motivated and see the daily task that you have to do as a contribution to the big picture that expresses your essence. Your dream will point the way to the richer future you visualized. So make sure you connect with the purpose of your dream. The right purpose will give you the motivation to achieve your goals and make your dream come true. 
Being motivated is the secret to achieving your dream. Always remember, it’s never too late to pursue your dream. 

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